Thursday, November 24, 2011

DR.Elly visits Barbro Johansson

Today 24th of November, Dr Elly frm America visited Barbro Johansson Model Girls secondary school and shared with us the five important moral standards of life..after a few days i am gonna write in brief about what he talked about..but first lets see some snaps of this interesting seminar...

From this snap,we can see Mr Murathi the social master of barbro Johansson..connecting some music and microphone..before the arrival of the guest..

Dr elly empphasizing on efftects of friendships and relatives including ideas in shaping our morals.

As you can see from the snaps the Barbro girls were very attentive to whatever was going on with secretaries, Mgeni Kabisama and Lisa Baraba jotting down the points.

Dr Elly never came alone as u can see from the snaps the guy sitting beside him is a friend and a brother.After lunch the students had another enjoyable session of Questions and answers..which was so interesting..we were educated a lot about how to choose good values,how to have wisdom,and how to make  good was really an enjoyable session..on my next atricle i am gonna explain in deep about what the doctor talked about..but then one thing we discovered bout him is that,he can sing!!!!..he sang 4 us one countly song with a very lovly voice...i wish u were there...i know one day we gonna be living his dreams!!..yes you can!! be blessed!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Daily Mitikasi: MAMA SALMA KIKWETE KATIKA MAADHIMISHO YA MIAKA II...: Mke wa Rais, Mama Salma Kikwete akimpongeza Mwenyekiti Muanzilishi wa JOHA TRUST, Prof. AnnaTibaijuka wakati wa wakati wa mahali ya tisa ...

Monday, November 14, 2011


Apply for MY Camp 2012

For the third time, Technology Academy Finland and National LUMA Centre are looking for 30 motivated and talented 16 to 19-year-old (born in 1993–1996) young people to participate in a week-long journey into science and technology. The first phase of the application process for Millennium Youth Camp 2012 opened on 19th october and its goin on till 18th december.

The application process for MY Camp 2012 has two phases. First, all applicants fill out information about themselves, their background, achievements, and motivation to attend the camp on an online form. Based on the applications, 100 applicants will be chosen for the second round of the application process that starts 1 February. These applicants have four weeks to prepare a project plan according to which the final decision on 30 2012 MY Campers will be made.
Like during the previous years, the Campers will be divided into multinational groups according to MY Camp’s themes: Climate Change, Renewable Natural Resources and Energy, Water, ICT and Digitalisation, and Applied Mathematics.

Each group will work on an project before and during the Camp and present it to their peers and guests at MY Camp Gala.

MY Camp is completely free of charge for the participants (including travel expenses). To apply for MY Camp, you have to be born between 1993 and 1996.

The first phase of the application process (link to application form) started 19 October and will continue until 18 December. The names of the hundred applicants, who are chosen for the second round of the application process will be published 1 February, 2012, and the final decision on 2012 MY Campers will be announced 15 March, 2012. The week-long MY Camp will start 9 June 2012.

To aply for MY CAMP 2O12 fill the application form at:

Come on young innovators..dont hesitate to try your lack!! remember you all  can!! .!!! yes you can!
Regards, Elder Philbert.

Friday, November 11, 2011



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Basics Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The story goes that in ancient times (B.C. – and I don’t mean before computers) women of ill repute would have a symbol carved on the sole of their sandals. As they walked through the dirt and mud of the streets, the symbol would be impressed on the road, and men could follow the trail to their “business” location. This makes advertising the second oldest profession in the world.

If you have a business, of course you want the world to beat a path to your door, or at least the right customers coming to buy. Advertising has long been the route businesses would take. Smart businesspeople knew that this included signage, any publicity you could get and word-of-mouth as well as the traditional paid print, radio and television ads.

Well, now the marketplace has moved off the street, and tools such as marks on the bottom of a sandal or the biggest sign and best location, while still serving a purpose, have made way to finding a way onto that first page of Google when people search for your product or services. It’s all about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You may have heard about it and even have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works, but are you prepared to focus your website to use SEO to your best advantage?

Here are some basic tools and ideas you can use to start paying at least some attention to optimizing your website for Google and any other search engines your customers may be using.

Pay for it: You can ensure that your website has a premium position by paying for it, as either pay-per-click or as an ad on the side when your search appears. However, this can get expensive with no guarantee of impact and savvy searchers often skip the paid sites when looking for resources.

Register: Most search engines provide opportunities to register your site, but this is a long slow process with much less impact on your search position than the engine’s own search algorithms. In other words, they’d prefer to find you on their own, so help them out with tool number three below.

Make your website spider-friendly: Spiders are the automatic search programs that wander through the Internet and look for sites that should be included in a search. These spiders look for certain items and including them gets their attention.

Position commonly-searched keywords in your page titles: take a moment to determine what words or phrases people might use to search for your services. For example, if you sell tacos in your community, be sure your titles mention tacos, your community’s name, Mexican food, tostadas, and any other word that people may use to search for a restaurant like yours.
Add content regularly: it’s good to have something new on your site at least once a week, and three times a week is optimal. This can be blogs about anything related to your site. For example, you might talk about how to make any bagged tortilla chip taste fresh (put them in you toaster-oven to get them warm just before eating) or what’s special about your salsa. It can also include something as simple as weekly specials and up-coming events.
Make your content rich and readable: yes, you want to make sure your keywords are used regularly, but if your copy reads like a vocabulary list of Mexican food items, the spiders will see this as spam and boom, you go to the back of the line.
Keep keywords in text form: If they are part of a picture, flash or java script, the spiders won’t be able to read them.
Revel in rich links: Is there a Hispanic culture website in your community? Provide a link to them and see if they will link to you. Your community’s chamber of commerce, any restaurant associations and any other non-competing organizations. Quality is more important than quantity.
Caption your photos. Those spiders can’t read your jpegs, but they can read captions. This is another good place to position some keywords and phrases.

Finally, do a before and after check. See where your search position is before you make any changes, and then see if your changes affect your position. This is not a fast process, but it can reap serious rewards in better search placement and more customers at your door.

Adam Toren is an Award Winning Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. He Co-Founded along with his brother Matthew. Adam is co-author of the newly released book: Small Business, Big Vision: “Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right” and also co-author of Kidpreneurs.

you all can!!

says elder!

visit the young enterpreneur page for more info..

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