Thursday, November 24, 2011

DR.Elly visits Barbro Johansson

Today 24th of November, Dr Elly frm America visited Barbro Johansson Model Girls secondary school and shared with us the five important moral standards of life..after a few days i am gonna write in brief about what he talked about..but first lets see some snaps of this interesting seminar...

From this snap,we can see Mr Murathi the social master of barbro Johansson..connecting some music and microphone..before the arrival of the guest..

Dr elly empphasizing on efftects of friendships and relatives including ideas in shaping our morals.

As you can see from the snaps the Barbro girls were very attentive to whatever was going on with secretaries, Mgeni Kabisama and Lisa Baraba jotting down the points.

Dr Elly never came alone as u can see from the snaps the guy sitting beside him is a friend and a brother.After lunch the students had another enjoyable session of Questions and answers..which was so interesting..we were educated a lot about how to choose good values,how to have wisdom,and how to make  good was really an enjoyable session..on my next atricle i am gonna explain in deep about what the doctor talked about..but then one thing we discovered bout him is that,he can sing!!!!..he sang 4 us one countly song with a very lovly voice...i wish u were there...i know one day we gonna be living his dreams!!..yes you can!! be blessed!

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