Monday, February 13, 2012



I'm writing to let you know about a free virtual event that celebrates young peace leaders from around the world, inspiring you to find your own path to peace.

It’s called The Youth Rising For Peace Summit – the first ever 24-hour global telesummit – covering the full spectrum of peace, from inner peace to international peace.  You’ll hear from young peace leaders from most time zones sharing about the peace projects and ideas that inspire them.

Register for FREE here:

The Summit happens February 11th -12th  – and you can listen in live via your phone line or computer to as many sessions as you’d like.

I hope you can join me, and let’s spread peace around the world!

Yours in peace,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jane Goodall visits Barbro Johansson Model Girls secondary school.

On 8th February ...Wednesday,...Jane Goodall with some other Roots and shoot team visited Barbro Johansson Model Girls secondary School For a short inspirationa talk with the Rooots &Shoots club.

It  was such a wonderful day To have her in our she shared her inspirational story with us about how she came up with the idea of roots and shoots institute!! It was such a very inspirational talk, which left everybody mouth open wondering bout the genious old lady!!
On the photo ts the high table listening from a small speech from the club patron sir Mbeikya.

A speech from the club chairperson Mary Kiusa

A speech frm the school headmistress madam Halima kamote.

An inspirational talk from Jane Goodall

A talk from Erasto, of the workers of roots and shoots.

A small speech from one of the workers Yusuph Masanja

A speech from another roots & shoots volunteer Amy. from The US

Then Jane Goodal, had a group photo with the roots n shoots Barbro club members.

How wonderful those smiles with hope!!

Another group photo with the leaders and the school staff..

It was really a thrilling event which left everyone with a smile!

The Barbro Roots & Shoots club gave Jane a present!!!

A cute plant which will simbolize Jane's visit to our school!!

Jane having a whisper with the chairperson of the club
A lot of students gathered to listen to the wonderful talk which will surely bring changes in their lives.

On behalf of The Barbro Johansson Roots & Shoots club, we would like to give our thanx to The Jane Goodall institute and the Roots & Shoots Tanzania institute!! Together we can bring a positive change and Hope to nature!! YES YOU CAN, YOU MUST & YOU WILL!!
Be blessed!
Elder Philbert.