Tuesday, September 25, 2012


         Praise God my dear YES I CAN followers! Many people who know me..know exactly how i am into gospel music!  It was a dream come true this Sunday on 23rd of September as Godsave Sakafu one of my No.1 gospel singers banged down some of the songs in his album titled "Hakuna Kificho"..at our graduation ceremony the CCT christian community at Barbro Johansson.His performance cheered up girls and made a smile on all faces of students of Barbro who were always wishing to meet this talented blessing gospel Artist.I personally was so so exited to the extent that i cant explain...

I together with my dancing group gave Godsave company as he performed his famous song called "Usizimie"..which is so touching..and its beats will make u dance!! But amazing enough..Godsave catches attention of many by the way he was performing the song with feelings...he wasn't making moves but we simply enjoyed it!!And the CCT Barbro dancing group cheered up the cloud making the performance a memorable one!!..very soon i am going to post all the performances  on that day together with the photos...coming sooon!!!!

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