Wednesday, March 27, 2013


MOTTO: “We care, we share”
Our relationship with Partage didn’t end when we graduated, though it took us some time to realise this. I am sure there are hundreds Partage alumni out there who have the same passion of working in this global community. As the meaning of Partage is “to share”, lets unite and share with the community the potential we have grasped all these years.
 I as one of the former graduates of Partage primary school, have a lot to remember from my childhood experience in the school. All I can say is that Partage has played big part as the foundation to who I am today. I always see different achievements of former Partage students, mostly academically and even in leadership. Today we have these students scattered in different countries making wonders and achievements. I have always been dreaming of this association, the association of strong committed future leaders who are offspring of Partage.

I would like to announce the establishment of Partage Alumni Association (PAA) which is about to be launched soon. This will be the association of graduates or more broadly of former students from Partage English Medium primary school located in Bukoba Tanzania. This association will be a bridge between the alumni, the current students, parents and the community. It will help to build a stronger relationship between Partage Tanzania and the students who have benefited from it.
Members of the association are anybody who graduated or took studies at Partage primary school. All the members should have the enthusiasm and willingness to take on the organisation initiative and sustain it. An active member will be the one ready to play part as an agent of positive change and participation in the association activities. Those who will do it voluntarily will rap a lot of benefits from the association.
We are inspired by the French word “Partage” “to share” the following are some of the objectives, but hopefully, we will have more of them after we discuss with the members. The following are the objectives:
·         To foster the spirit of loyalty of the members to Partage Tanzania.
·         To get the entire Partage alumni under one roof.
·         To create successful stories f the members that will inspire the current students.
·         To create an alumni database with all the information of the association.
·         To create common interest groups and provide forum for discussion.
·         To do different community and organisation activities.
·         Students and members can get useful career guidance from the alumni.
·         Reunions can be organised with the help of the alumni association.
The following are the proposed activities though more will be discussed by the members.
·         Fund raising in the communities.
·         Charity work  and community service to Orphans and the needy
·         Career guidance talks.
·         Remedial classes at school to share anything with the students.
·         Networking and blogging on different issues.
We expect to have a fund for the association which will help it in different activities. This will be through:
·         Annual membership contributions
·         Donations from different groups
·         Fund raising activities.
We will have different leaders of the association such as the president, secretary, treasurer and other leaders. We will have different follow up meetings to reinforce activeness and check for more participation.
We will make our presence known through blogging, social networking sites and alumni network.

Capacity building for its members by providing training which will help the alumni to build their networking skills and capacity in coaching and mentoring.  Entrepreneurship and leadership workshops will also benefits the members in increasing their potentials.
The association will do a lot of good to Partage to stay connected with its student’s base that have grown and developed over the years. Opportunities for job placements, donations, sponsorship, and faculty positions will also be in this platform.

We expect a lot from this uprooting association. And so we would like to ask the wiling members to send us their information, their success stories and experience. This will enable us to form profiles for all the members in the alumni database. As our motto states. “we share, we care”, I believe this will be a movement of active agents of positive change.
Please send your views, membership responses and comments via the following contacts:
Elder Philbert
Phone: +255716229709/+255763218399