Friday, October 16, 2015



Image result for a black girl crying Have you ever asked yourself why it that not everybody is affected by global economic recess? Why are some people’s lives developing while others are Diminishing? The difference is that some are creating a way out of no way while others have accepted their circumstances as the end of the road. I believe that the main reason why many people fail to run a successful life today is because they are settled waiting without knowing that they are wasting. The more you wait doing nothing, the more failure overtakes you.
Image result for failureImage result for failureSome of us had a nice beginning but we faced failure somewhere and found ourselves down. The greatest problem facing many people who find themselves on the ground is the thought of how or where to begin again. Some feel like there is no use trying and others believe its too late. They keep on blaming themselves. This has ever happened to me my friends until I learnt how to get up on my feet and move on stronger and wiser than before. It is very unfortunate to see so many suffering the same predicaments over and over again in their lives, because they won’t learn a lesson from their mistakes. They don’t sit down to consider what led to their fall or look out for areas here they mistaken. They keep on failing.

Image result for thomas edison light bulbThere is a local edge which says, ‘’When a child falls down, he stands up and continue running. But when a man falls, he stops and looks around to see what was responsible to his fall so that he continues with his journey. He will be careful not to trip over the same stone again. Thomas Edison, the man who invented the electric bulb is said to have performed the experiment nine hundred and ninety nine times before he got it right, and when he was asked, ‘’when did you fail?” Thomas said, “I didn’t fail any time; I just discovered how many times it could not be done. This proves that successful people never give up. Their thoughts are always positive.

Image result for a black girl cryingYou may be on the ground today, but there is a bright future set before you. Rise up and take it. When brick walls fall down, we don’t have to fall down with them. We rebuild the building with strong stones. That is to say that, If you have a lot of business of thousands, you should start planning for another one which will expand to millions. If anything around you closes down, don’t let your life close down with it. Rise up and be determined to get something better than what you lost.

Yours in love, Elder Philbert. #blessedtobless