Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Motto: Transforming dreams to reality!

YES I CAN (YIC) is a movement which was founded in the year 2011 back in Barbro Johansson Model Girls Secondary school with the aim of empowering youth on development projects and making them become agents of Positive change, Young entrepreneurs, positive thinkers and using their God given talents to transform their dreams to reality.

Innovation of youth towards activeness, self esteem, positive thinking, leadership responsibility, poverty eradication and transforming dreams to reality.
Positive change in our environment, our lives and lives of all people in general
1.      To form out Yes I Can Clubs in secondary schools whereby youth can meet and discuss different issues or organise themselves in doing different development activities.
2.      Doing different fund raising activities for development projects.
3.      Organise different young entrepreneurial groups and linking them to different opportunities both national wise and internationalwise.
4.       To encourage young people who are jobless to join themselves so that to participate in a wide range of activities appropriate to their age and stage of development.
5.      To participate in national and transnational initiatives focused on promoting youth empowerment.eg Youth conferences.
6.       To create a productive and self-sustaining youth population, capable of protecting themselves and their communities against the risks of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Violence.

The Yes I Can central Committee:
Elder Philbert (Founder)
Helleman Hermas
Anitha Hope Kimaro
David Msusa
Theonestina Amos
Contact us through:elderphilbert@gmail.com