Monday, January 30, 2017


Meet "Tausi" ... "Yes I Can" Na mimi naweza.. . .
"Tausi" ...z my friend, a young girl I got to knw, and talked to most of the tyms in Morogoro. I spent tym with her coz she was there to help in whatever works I was doing like washing,cooking,etc. She says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. I usually smiled with pain when she told me that coz I thought she never went to school since she z always working. I thought she knew nothing bout school. When I was her age, my parents made sure I spend almost all of my day studying,school,tuition in the evening...ahh  I did no houseworks...
But she is a student too with ambitions. As a girl at home,she has to work to earn money for her family..her grandmother depend on this girl. she fetches water, wash cloths,cooks. At first it was really hard for me to believe she goes to school. I was like.."When does she get time to study?" So one day I saw her coming from school,wearing torn and worn out uniforms and shoes.. Holding a piece of worn out exersize book. But always wearing her bright smile... I asked her..can u really study and do all these works at a time.. She replied.. "Yes I can" sometimes I wanted her to help me with some works like fetching water..I doubted her and said.can u really do this for me? She said.. "Yes I can" like nothing has ever been impossible for her..
A lot of hard working talented ambitious girls like her..end up with school drop outs,early pregnancies or child labour.. Have you ever imagined how far she could be if she had someone to support her dreams? We r lucky to hav gone to good schools..but most of us are lazy and ungrateful for what we have. This young girl is so ambitious and hardworking. I decided to reach out for her saying this:  Many "Yes I Can" voices.. But poverty z still a big challenge...... Yah sad but true.
We only see the supported Yes I can voices online and praise them..but deep inside our streets and villages, you will find them.. "Many Yes I Can Voices but Poverty is still a challenge"..😔

Friday, January 27, 2017


Yes I can: Na mimi naweza.
Meet Beautiful  Zaiyan. "My parents died with HIV/AIDS." Said Zaiyan when I asked about her parents. My heart was stuffed with a lot of pain and I did not know why I asked her that question. Hiding my close tears which were now so close to dropping I had a small chat with this girl who was holding my hand and joking around asking me to take a photo of her.She was so sweet.  Zaiyan  is now 7 years old , she is a beautiful  young girl and also very disciplined but also orphan. She lives with her grandmother Donatia  who is now  63 yrs old and five siblings. No one went to school in this family except for Zaiyan who is now at Mushemba Trinity School. Both parents died with HIV/AIDS desease . The mother died in 2012 and father  died last year July 2015.  This family has no plot of land or any source of income. They collect fire wood and dig for the people in order to get food .

Zaiyan  and her siblings live in the grandmothers house since the father’s house falled down.But as we know that Kagera region was hit by a heavy earthquake on 10th of September 2016. This earthquake left this familie’s house very destroyed and with big cracks. The house has big holes and water gets in when it rains.  They just survive by the grace of God.

Zaiyan  is a healthy young girl sice she was lucky not to get HIV. She is a very bright girl. Just imagine all she has been through, and the stresses. But she still smiles and works very hard in school. All the students and teachers like her. This term she ranked the first position in class with all A's. "When I grow up I want to be a doctor and cure HIV/AIDS" said Zaiyan.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


 Meet Fredrick..."My dream has always been to become a teacher, wear a tie and buy food for my family." .
Frederic spends his day in streets.. Selling maandazi. He does this for an old woman (bibi) that he lives with even though they are not related. He complained that he doesn't get paid at all from wat he does.. At least he gets tea, some food at night and a place to sleep on the floor at bibi's house. That's how she pays him. .
.  Fredrick finished class seven and got selected to join a secondary school in Muleba. His father passed away a year ago. The mother is so poor that she could not Afford buying him uniform,shoes or any books. He could not go to school and there was no food at home. Because of hunger, he left his home, came to bukoba town and became a street kid! ..I met fredrick on a Saturday in town.I was sitting in a salon and  saw him several times passing by selling maandazi in a small container.  He looked so down,  sad and was barefooted. I see a lot of kids of his type in town but I felt a big connection with Fred. He said he was hungry and that he cannot go home or get any food until he had sold all his "maandazi" That day I bought all his maandazi which were worth only 3000tsh to let him go home to eat. I kept seeing the boy in town so i decided to make friends with him, studied him and studied his life. .
I had to visit the place he lives in "omkigusha" street but the old woman didn't want to see me or talk to me at all. .
I decided to meet Fredrick  sometimes, talk to him and  discovered that he is a brave boy. If he gets a chance to continue with his studies, he can make a great smart kid!. Me and the "Yes I can" team are looking forward to do a fundraise for Fred and 10 other kids who wants to start school next year. We will get them uniform, shoes and books. Its the least we can do but I believe it will change something in their lives.  looking forward to make this happen! Everything is possible!  #YesICanTanzania #WezeshaNdotoZao