Friday, January 27, 2017


Yes I can: Na mimi naweza.
Meet Beautiful  Zaiyan. "My parents died with HIV/AIDS." Said Zaiyan when I asked about her parents. My heart was stuffed with a lot of pain and I did not know why I asked her that question. Hiding my close tears which were now so close to dropping I had a small chat with this girl who was holding my hand and joking around asking me to take a photo of her.She was so sweet.  Zaiyan  is now 7 years old , she is a beautiful  young girl and also very disciplined but also orphan. She lives with her grandmother Donatia  who is now  63 yrs old and five siblings. No one went to school in this family except for Zaiyan who is now at Mushemba Trinity School. Both parents died with HIV/AIDS desease . The mother died in 2012 and father  died last year July 2015.  This family has no plot of land or any source of income. They collect fire wood and dig for the people in order to get food .

Zaiyan  and her siblings live in the grandmothers house since the father’s house falled down.But as we know that Kagera region was hit by a heavy earthquake on 10th of September 2016. This earthquake left this familie’s house very destroyed and with big cracks. The house has big holes and water gets in when it rains.  They just survive by the grace of God.

Zaiyan  is a healthy young girl sice she was lucky not to get HIV. She is a very bright girl. Just imagine all she has been through, and the stresses. But she still smiles and works very hard in school. All the students and teachers like her. This term she ranked the first position in class with all A's. "When I grow up I want to be a doctor and cure HIV/AIDS" said Zaiyan.

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